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    cyber insurance, CyberCube, Cyber Risk Modeling

    A guide to designing scenario narratives for cyber catastrophe

    The creation of risk scenarios is one of the most important, complex and (for many) interesting aspects of risk management in the insurance sector. As a means of “stress testing” insurance portfolios...

    1 minute read
    07 May 2020, by Laurel Di Silvestro
    CyberCube, Technology, Cyber Risk Modeling

    Updating cyber risk models: Deciding on the ‘When’ and the ‘Why’

    Cyber risk is a dynamic, man-made peril that is evolving rapidly. The motivations of cyber attackers, their methods and the technological vulnerabilities they exploit are constantly in flux.

    2 minute read
    23 Apr 2020, by Joshua Pyle
    Featured, Covid-19, cyber insurance, insurance, CyberCube

    We’re far from the frontline of COVID-19 – but we’ll play our part

    In the years that follow this global pandemic, we’ll recall how, by forcing us physically apart, the virus reminded us of the value of human contact. It’s been reported that over one-third of the...

    4 minute read
    21 Apr 2020, by Pascal Millaire
    Start-up, CyberCube, InsurTech

    Building a deeper insurance bench in the CyberCube Boardroom

    As we connect the global economy to the internet, digital risks in the 21st century are becoming as important to businesses as physical risks were in previous generations. That transformation is...

    2 minute read
    04 Mar 2020, by Pascal Millaire
    Start-up, CyberCube

    CyberCube 2020 Summit and Hackathon!

    Recently on a balmy January day, the whole of CyberCube got together in San Francisco for our 2020 planning meeting as well as a new company first: a Hackathon. One of the highlights of these events...

    1 minute read
    09 Feb 2020, by Oliver Brew
    Start-up, CyberCube

    A great day out in the Isle of Dogs countryside...

    Last week, on a surprisingly mild day in November, the first UK CyberCube volunteer day took place outdoors at the Mudchute Farm and Park in the Isle of Dogs. It was a fantastic day out, with some...

    1 minute read
    16 Nov 2019, by Oliver Brew
    cyber insurance, CyberCube, InsurTech

    To specialize or generalize?

    I've heard that finding a fulfilling career is like finding the ideal pair of shoes. Sometimes you need to try many different ones to get the best fit. Interesting comment piece by Mark Geoghegan...

    2 minute read
    21 Aug 2019, by Oliver Brew
    cyber insurance, CyberCube, InsurTech

    Unexpected takeaways from the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos” in China

    CyberCube recently received the honor of selection as a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. This designation is intended for the next generation of companies that could “shape solutions...

    3 minute read
    03 Jul 2019, by Pascal Millaire
    Software Development, CyberCube, InsurTech

    Cloud computing: busting some myths

    I’ve spent the majority of my career at the forefront of software engineering, working with companies that were early adopters of new technologies and software solutions. 

    1 minute read
    03 Jul 2019, by Ajay Garg
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