CyberCube 2020 Summit and Hackathon!

CyberCube 2020 Summit and Hackathon!

Recently on a balmy January day, the whole of CyberCube got together in San Francisco for our 2020 planning meeting as well as a new company first: a Hackathon. One of the highlights of these events is meeting all the new colleagues who have joined us - we're now over 80 people strong. 

After taking a moment to reflect on how far we have come in the last two years, we focused on the strategy, challenges, and opportunities ahead. There was lots of participation, questions and ideas. The coming together of insurance professionals, technologists, data scientists, actuaries and all the other skills that makeup CyberCube is part of what makes these days so special. 

With barely time to draw breath, on the following day CyberCube held its inaugural Hackathon. Ideas had been submitted over the preceding weeks and whittled down to the final dozen or so. We split into multi-disciplinary teams and worked on pulling together a strawman of how these might help solve a tough issue for CyberCube. 

The winner, selected by "clapometer" naturally, was a clever widget to support that intractable problem - how to track and automate Corn-hole! 

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