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What’s in a name?

Why we decided to change the name of our Client Services function to Client Success function

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When CyberCube separated from Symantec in 2018, the Client Services team was by definition a limited group, given the clients we initially took on, and we had to adapt in our role as jacks-of-all-trade serving everything from log-in troubleshooting to actuarial technical resourcing and business process consultants.

We have evolved a lot as a business in the last three years or so, not least our in-market product suite now serves an expanded client base, across a growing number of different segments within the cyber insurance market. To accompany the growth in our clients, we have spent time thinking through the best structure to support our clients most effectively in the future.

One small but important change we have announced is that the “Client Services team”, is now the “Client Success team”. Why are we changing the name? Well, we can only be successful as a business if our clients are successful, get value from the partnerships with us and we build long-term relationships. We want to be more deliberate in putting our clients at the centre of our approach and the Client Success team name reflects this more accurately. We represent the needs of our clients when working internally with colleagues to keep us honest and ensure that future product enhancements are aligned with the developing needs of the market.

As part of our evolving approach to managing client relationships, we have introduced some dedicated new roles to the Client Success team. Firstly we now have Strategic Client Partners whose primary role will be to serve the most complex needs of our most demanding clients. They will partner with clients to help them access all the resources and expertise of CyberCube to deliver value for them.

Secondly we have Client Product Advisors, whose role is to act as deep subject matter experts for our in-market products, specifically Portfolio Manager (our leading cyber accumulation model), Account Manager (enabling better insight through cyber risk analytics for underwriters) and Broking Manager (our newest application for brokers to advise clients on cyber insurance buying decisions). By increasing our specialisation, we can deliver improved efficiency and responsiveness to client needs, as well as scale our operations effectively as we grow. One of the key tenets of our modelling approach is the delivery of “Open Analytics” - a commitment to transparency in order to help our clients understand and interpret our models so they can have confidence in the basis of how model outputs are used within client organisations.

Finally our dedicated and efficient Technical Client Support team members facilitate the rapid resolution of any troubleshooting issues that arise, and increases our focus on data-driven decision-making to benefit our clients.

These changes may seem relatively small at this stage, but they are part of the foundation for the next chapter of CyberCube’s journey - requiring clients to be at the forefront of our approach. We look forward to continuing that journey with our new and existing clients. Here’s to Client Success!

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