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Welcome to CyberCube 2.0

Welcome to CyberCube 2.0. We're launching our brand new identity that better reflects our mission to deliver the world's leading cyber risk analytics.

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A new era. A new brand.

The cyber insurance market has come a long way since we started CyberCube in 2015 and so have we. 

Back then, we had lofty ambitions to become the pre-eminent cyber risk analytics partner to the insurance industry as a start-up organization that was being incubated by a Fortune 500 company. Today, we are that respected market leader with an impressive global client list and a broad portfolio of award-winning cyber analytics offerings. Our old brand identity has served us well. But the time has come to move on to something that better reflects a new set of even loftier aspirations for our company and that is why we’re launching “CyberCube 2.0”, a new identity for our company.

With over 100 clients across the entire cyber (re)insurance ecosystem and beyond, our advanced analytics are used by 75% of the top 40 US and European cyber insurance carriers and the majority of the top 20 global insurance brokers. We’ve delivered on our goal of offering the world’s most sophisticated and advanced analytics for cyber risk quantification in the insurance sector. We have bought an unparalleled ecosystem of data into our platform and used multi-disciplinary approaches and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver models that have been pressure-tested by the world’s leading insurance institutions. Our models have shown that they are uniquely able to quantify cyber risk in financial terms, to identify the risk indicators that lead to claims and to credibly represent the financial impact of cyber catastrophes and near misses. And we’re moving forward, investing and innovating at a pace that will only extend the impact of our financial cyber risk analytics and our leadership position.

I’m delighted to unveil CyberCube 2.0, a new visual identity that encapsulates the mature and multifaceted organization we have become. It expresses that identity in a bold and confident design that reflects our commitment to delivering the world’s leading analytics to quantify cyber risk. We are raising our aspirations even further, not just to be a partner to the insurance industry but to take our leadership position and support a broader set of public and private sector institutions in improving the resilience of organizations and society with our financial cyber analytics.

In the same way CyberCube’s analytics create clarity from complexity, our new branding seamlessly unites all the different facets of our diverse and sophisticated operations. We’ve put a lot of thought into a new (but familiar) identity that is flexible and robust, and the result of lots of input from our team. In that sense, our updated brand reflects a core CyberCube value: solving problems — even the most challenging problems — by applying uncompromising intellectual rigor and working in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary way to deliver it.

As we move forward into the era of CyberCube 2.0, we’ll continue bringing out improved versions of our market-leading core products. We’ll continue launching powerful and innovative new offerings too. Distinctive new visual identifiers for each of our branded offerings in this relaunch helps create added visual clarity as we continue on this path.

Green and blue remain our primary brand colors, but our new look will be different. Perhaps the most obvious change is the appearance of our bold new ‘C-Device’ brand mark, which sits alongside unfussy contemporary typography. 

The clean simplicity our new approach leaves space for a greater emphasis on vivid imagery, including more imagery of people. This reflects our objective to continue to put our clients at the center — while we seek answers inside and outside the box. Our renewed aspirations are not just to partner with the cyber insurance industry but to enable exceptional outcomes for our clients — as individuals and as organizations. 

Any change takes time to get used to, but I hope you’ll agree that our new brand is a step forward and better reflects the kind of business CyberCube has become — and the key role we’re playing in distilling clarity from the seeming chaos of cyber risk data. More than that, I hope we can take you with us on the next phase of our journey. 

The cyber insurance market has matured significantly over the last decade or so, and so have we. We are honored to partner with the insurance market to unpack complex cyber threats into clear, actionable strategies that enhance resilience for businesses, markets, and society as a whole.

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