The Power of a Network: Foresight Conference Takeaways

The Power of a Network: Foresight Conference Takeaways

CyberCube recently hosted its first user conference, Foresight: Powered by CyberCube. 

The full-day agenda was designed to bring together the broad spectrum of the cyber insurance community to consider the multiple dimensions that play into quantifying, mitigating and transferring digital risk in this fast-paced environment. 

And the result was powerful. We had representatives from the threat intelligence community, regulators, ratings agencies, technology specialists, cutting-edge carriers and brokers, and influential industry associations in the crowd. 

This diverse range of views on how digital risk will shape our companies, economies and societies in the near future is essential if we seek an informed view of cyber risk. 

The 100 delegates at the event were encouraged to develop a forward-looking view of risk - to consider threat actors, human behaviour, technological developments, systemic risk and loss accumulation as they build a sustainable framework for insuring digital risk.  

Speakers included Admiral (ret) Michael S. Rogers, Stefan Claus from the Bank of England, Darren Thomson, CTO of Symantec EMEA and Matthias Weber, former group CUO of Swiss Re.

Take a look at our 3-minute video to hear some of the key takeaways...

CyberCube’s Foresight Conference Round-up: Highlights


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