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    cyber insurance, Supply Chain, Underwriting

    The perimeter is dead: Reflections on my first NetDiligence conference

    I have lived and breathed natural catastrophe insurance and modeling for many years. At my first cyber risk conference, NetDiligence in Santa Monica (Oct. 4-6), which was attended by hundreds of...

    4 minute read
    22 Oct 2021, by Simon Shreeve
    Cyber Risk, Data, Underwriting

    Top 4 challenges of underwriting cyber risk in a hard market

    Underwriting cyber risk comes with many challenges, whether you’re underwriting cyber risk in a soft or hard market. Hard markets with limited capacity, restrictions on coverage, and pricing...

    4 minute read
    21 Oct 2021, by Oliver Brew
    Cyber Risk, Account Manager, Cyber Modeling

    Account Manager: Powering informed cyber underwriting decisions

    In a hardening cyber insurance market, it’s critical that underwriters are equipped with the right information to make informed cyber underwriting decisions. Using the right cyber risk modeling tool...

    5 minute read
    11 Oct 2021, by John Anderson
    InsurTech, cyber, Engineering

    Is Rust viable in a SaaS environment?

    At CyberCube, we pride ourselves on developing new solutions and exploring alternative options. One of our flagship products, Portfolio Manager, is now on v3.2 and as our client base grows, we are...

    5 minute read
    07 Oct 2021, by Emmanuel Thioux
    Cyber Risk, Engineering

    How engineering is critical to cyber risk: Why work at CyberCube?

    Cyber risk presents the greatest opportunity insurers have had in over a century. In a world with billions of Internet of Things devices (IoT), the explosion of data and automation of industries,...

    4 minute read
    04 Oct 2021, by Tatjana Kirotar
    Broking Manager

    Accelerate client engagements with Broking Manager: How brokers can optimize their workflow

    Insurance brokers want to make confident recommendations around cyber risk for their clients, but this can be challenging without quick and easy access to the right information. This is particularly...

    4 minute read
    30 Sep 2021, by Natalie Chin
    Cyber Modeling

    Underwriting cyber risk: 5 features to look for in a cyber modeling solution

    As the market continues to harden, cyber insurance underwriting is changing. You must keep up with the underwriting process that’s evolving with it. The rise in cyber events, data breaches and...

    5 minute read
    23 Sep 2021, by Chelsea Law
    Cyber Risk, Cyber Aggregation Model, Cyber Modeling

    Systemic cyber attacks are a real risk for US banks

    CyberCube and Fitch Ratings have collaborated to analyse how systemic cyber risks, under various cyber threat scenarios, affect the US banking sector and what the financial losses may look like,...

    5 minute read
    19 Aug 2021, by Souki Chahid

    Licensing and authorization via AWS

    Written by Federico Karabogosian & Emmanuel Thioux Since its founding in 2015, CyberCube has been using a very simple licensing scheme. This has worked for us because we had two easy-to-handle...

    4 minute read
    12 Aug 2021, by Emmanuel Thioux
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