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    cyber security, Cyber Threat, Ransomware

    Ransomware and the “Double-Dipping” Trend

    2 minute read
    15 Jul 2020, by Darren Thomson
    Start-up, cyber security, WEF

    Every Employee Plays an Important Role in Building a Sustainable Security Culture

    Organizational culture is all about the behaviors and processes that you want employees to follow. As employee behavior - whether intentional or unintentional - is one of the primary sources of...

    2 minute read
    29 Jun 2020, by Ajay Garg
    Nat Cat, Silent cyber, Cyber Risk Modeling

    UK Stress-Test Shows Cyber Losses Could Match Natural Catastrophes

    1 minute read
    26 Jun 2020, by Nick Beecroft
    Cyber Risk, Broker

    Teaming-up on Cyber Exposure

    1 minute read
    23 Jun 2020, by John Anderson
    Cyber Risk, Covid-19, tips

    Tips to help create a secure working from home environment

    Many of us have shifted our usual office workspace to a work from home setting in the past weeks and it has become clear that it may remain this way for some more time. Now that most of us are...

    5 minute read
    04 Jun 2020, by Alejandro Sauter
    cyber insurance, insurance, Broker

    Brokers hold the key to cyber growth

    A recent survey by accountancy firm EY found that just two-thirds of organisations thought they had adequate cyber coverage to meet their true exposure to cyber risk. There are several factors...

    1 minute read
    01 Jun 2020, by John Anderson
    Cyber Analytics, Cyber Risk, Nat Cat, Cyber Risk Modeling

    Creating realistic disaster scenarios - a reinsurer’s perspective

    By Yvette Essen

    2 minute read
    26 May 2020, by Yvette Essen
    cyber insurance, CyberCube, Cyber Risk Modeling

    A guide to designing scenario narratives for cyber catastrophe

    The creation of risk scenarios is one of the most important, complex and (for many) interesting aspects of risk management in the insurance sector. As a means of “stress testing” insurance portfolios...

    1 minute read
    07 May 2020, by Laurel Di Silvestro
    Featured, Covid-19, Cyber Threat, Technology

    Coronavirus & IT risk - Is the pandemic creating new IT norms? (Part 2 – Business change)

    In my previous blog, I focused on how the Coronavirus pandemic might influence IT behaviours at the level of the individual. This blog will zoom out a level and explore how these behaviours could...

    7 minute read
    28 Apr 2020, by Darren Thomson
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