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    Cyber Risk, Cyber Aggregation Model, Cyber Modeling

    Systemic cyber attacks are a real risk for US banks

    CyberCube and Fitch Ratings have collaborated to analyse how systemic cyber risks, under various cyber threat scenarios, affect the US banking sector and what the financial losses may look like,...

    5 minute read
    19 Aug 2021, by Souki Chahid

    Licensing and authorization via AWS

    Written by Federico Karabogosian & Emmanuel Thioux Since its founding in 2015, CyberCube has been using a very simple licensing scheme. This has worked for us because we had two easy-to-handle...

    4 minute read
    12 Aug 2021, by Emmanuel Thioux
    Cyber Analytics, Ransomware, Account Manager, Broking Manager

    Ransomware losses are not undermining the sustainability of cyber insurance

    Press coverage of cyber insurance in recent months has included alarming, high profile statements that question the viability of the cyber insurance market due to increasing ransomware losses in...

    3 minute read
    27 Jul 2021, by Pascal Millaire
    Ransomware, Accumulation, Modeling Aggregation, Catastrophic Scenarios

    Keeping up with cyber accumulation risk: Portfolio Manager v3.0

    The cyber risk environment is growing and changing at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, (re)insurers must be aware of and understand their shifting cyber accumulation risk.

    4 minute read
    21 Jul 2021, by Cody Stumpo
    Cyber Risk, cybersecurity, Hybrid Working

    Creating a hybrid working environment: how to be cyber secure

    The accelerated shift to remote working as a result of the pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Now, just a year-and-a-half on from the start of global lockdowns, it’s clear that coronavirus...

    7 minute read
    14 Jul 2021, by Darren Thomson
    Ransomware, Cyber Attack, Single Point of Failure

    The Kaseya ransomware “double-embedded” outbreak: what does it mean for (re)insurers?

    As my colleagues and clients in the US enjoyed their extended July 4th break last weekend, news of Kaseya — a new ransomware attack — started to circulate across the news wires. Criminals seem to...

    3 minute read
    08 Jul 2021, by Darren Thomson
    cyber insurance, Ransomware, (re)insurance

    Should ransomware payments be illegal? - Considerations for (re)insurers

    Policymakers, security professionals, and cyber (re)insurers are divided on whether or not banning ransomware payments would be a good idea. On the one hand, banning payments would (in theory) erode...

    7 minute read
    02 Jul 2021, by William Altman
    cyber insurance, InsurTech, underwriter

    Taking the Plunge

    What is it that attracts people to the tech industry? Is it the ability to surround yourself with some of the most intelligent people you’ve ever met and challenge yourself by not being the smartest...

    5 minute read
    01 Jul 2021, by Chelsea Law
    cyber security, Cyber Threat

    Cyber threat trends for your insurance business

    The cyber threat landscape is ever-evolving, and the pandemic has demonstrated just how vital it is for insurance businesses to be on the pulse of the latest cyber threat trends. From the increase in...

    7 minute read
    28 Jun 2021, by Darren Thomson
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