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    Cyber Analytics, Marketing

    Data Theft: Passing Trend or Permanent Add to Ransomware?

    Current State of Ransomware This year we have observed the bear’s share of the ransomware market consisting of two main approaches: the ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) pool, mainly composed of...

    2 minute read
    20 Dec 2019, by Alejandro Sauter
    cyber insurance, Silent cyber

    Models must evolve to tackle silent cyber

    Insurers are finding themselves squeezed between regulators and reinsurers who both want the issue of so-called ‘silent cyber’ risk to be tackled. The potential cost implications of failing to...

    2 minute read
    19 Dec 2019, by Ashwin Kashyap
    Start-up, Software Development, Technology

    Technology Series: Improving logging in Lambda functions

    In this post - the second in our technology series - we'll see how we can improve logging and store the logs into external systems, such as Kibana.

    4 minute read
    18 Dec 2019, by Emmanuel Thioux
    cyber insurance, CyberEvent, AWS

    CyberCube's analysis of the Amazon Web Services outage enables a greater understanding of the evolution of cyber threats

    We recently updated our clients on some of the technical aspects of October's Amazon Web Services (AWS) denial of service attack and the implications this event might have on how our clients assess...

    1 minute read
    16 Dec 2019, by Yvette Essen
    Cyber Risk, cyber insurance, Diversity

    Inter-disciplinary coordination required to tackle cyber risk: Science Magazine

    At CyberCube, we often talk about the value in building multi-disciplinary teams to tackle cyber risk. Bringing diverse perspectives into a team to tackle some of the most complex risks facing...

    1 minute read
    13 Dec 2019, by Rebecca Bole
    cyber insurance, InsurTech, Technology

    AI: Don’t get blinded by the 'shiny new thing'

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a much-hyped buzzword in insurtech and fintech circles, with great expectation placed on its ability to slash costs and drive exponential revenue growth in companies...

    2 minute read
    10 Dec 2019, by Rebecca Bole
    Software Development, AWS

    Technology series: Using AWS SAM for end to end local developing and testing

    Tech Series This article is the first of a technology series that I will be posting in the near future. I will be writing about AWS, Serverless, NodeJS, Security and a few other topics.

    6 minute read
    09 Dec 2019, by Emmanuel Thioux
    cyber insurance, commercial insurance, Cyber Threat

    Dashing straight for “shiny new” security tools compounds cyber breach challenges

    A rush to take on a variety of new security products can act as a distraction from preparing for a cyber breach.

    1 minute read
    03 Dec 2019, by Yvette Essen