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    Cyber Risk, cyber insurance, Silent cyber

    Giving voice to "silent" cyber

    While I've heard insurance professionals agree that to consider cyber risk solely as a standalone peril is a false premise, there is still a long way to go before the industry reaches a consensus on...

    1 minute read
    30 Oct 2019, by Brittany Baker
    Cyber Risk, CyberEvent, cyber security

    Avast breach highlights supply chain attack threat

    On October 21st, several news outlets reported that Avast, a Czech cybersecurity company owning 10% of global market share for anti-virus solutions, was breached through an insecure VPN account....

    2 minute read
    28 Oct 2019, by Charlotte Anderson
    data privacy, cyber insurance

    Data privacy regulation a cost burden but nonetheless important

    The cyber market is facing a shifting regulatory environment leading to a higher cost base, but such legislation is important and lessons can be learnt from the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002...

    1 minute read
    28 Oct 2019, by Yvette Essen
    Cyber Risk, CyberEvent, AWS

    Deciphering an eight-hour business interruption outage

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently reported that it suffered an eight-hour outage from a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

    2 minute read
    26 Oct 2019, by John Anderson
    Cyber Analytics

    Why model divergence among software providers is actually a positive thing

    Model divergence is a good thing and is more valuable than all software providers producing the same numbers. This was one of the key messages shared by Oliver Brew, CyberCube’s Head of Client...

    1 minute read
    25 Oct 2019, by Yvette Essen
    Cyber Analytics, Cyber Risk, cyber insurance, Data

    The changing cyber underwriting landscape for small risks – Where do cyber risk models, and data delivery technology solutions fit?

    Small cyber-exposed businesses are being subjected to the dual disruption of a rapidly changing risk landscape and the lack of knowledge and resources to mitigate these risks.  The insurance industry...

    2 minute read
    21 Oct 2019, by Laurel Di Silvestro
    Cyber Risk, Broker, Podcast

    Brokers: How to make cyber risk advisory part of the routine

    I recently took part in a podcast with my colleague Harry Metzger for Insurance Business America to discuss the ways that brokers could use data and analytics to better advise their clients on cyber...

    2 minute read
    21 Oct 2019, by Oren Schetrit
    Cyber Risk, cyber insurance

    The Challenges of Underwriting Large Risk

    Landing a big deal often receives a lot of glory; but how complicated is underwriting large risks, really?

    1 minute read
    21 Oct 2019, by John Anderson
    Cyber Risk, CyberEvent, Cyber Threat

    UK Three network outage: mobile users impacted far and wide

    A significant network outage by mobile operator Three has been ongoing for the last 12+ hours. This has affected voice, data and text usage and has been reported right across the UK.  Three network...

    1 minute read
    17 Oct 2019, by Oliver Brew
    Cyber Risk, data privacy

    Lloyd’s Head of Innovation, Trevor Maynard, calls for sharing cyber risk data to benefit all

    The need for the insurance industry to share data to deepen understanding of cyber risks was one of the main points highlighted by Trevor Maynard, Head of Innovation at Lloyd’s, in a recent...

    1 minute read
    11 Oct 2019, by Yvette Essen