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    Cyber threat trends for your insurance business

    The cyber threat landscape is ever-evolving, and the pandemic has demonstrated just how vital it is for insurance businesses to be on the pulse of the latest cyber threat trends. 

    3 minute read
    03 Jun 2021, by Darren Thomson
    cyber security, threat landscape, Social Engineering

    Advances in social engineering technology (and why we should care)

    I’ve written before about the dangers of socially-engineered cyber attacks and how psychological trickery can be one of the most effective tools in the armoury of a cybercriminal. In this blog from...

    2 minute read
    15 Jan 2021, by Darren Thomson
    cyber security, threat landscape, Cloud

    Another Cloud Outage – Are We Headed For “The Big One”?

    3 minute read
    30 Nov 2020, by Darren Thomson
    Cyber Risk, cyber security, Ransomware, Data

    Enterprise Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay… Is that even the question?

    The question for businesses as to whether or not they should pay ransoms demanded by cybercriminals is certainly not one that can be answered in simple terms. On the one hand, the paying of ransoms...

    2 minute read
    06 Nov 2020, by Darren Thomson
    cyber security, threat landscape

    Automation in cyber crime – A key enabler of future risk accumulation?

    The cyber threat landscape and, in particular, the tools and techniques that criminals use to carry out their attacks evolves as quickly as any part of the information technology landscape. In...

    2 minute read
    17 Sep 2020, by Darren Thomson
    cyber security, Cyber Threat, Ransomware

    Ransomware and the “Double-Dipping” Trend

    2 minute read
    15 Jul 2020, by Darren Thomson
    Start-up, cyber security, WEF

    Every Employee Plays an Important Role in Building a Sustainable Security Culture

    Organizational culture is all about the behaviors and processes that you want employees to follow. As employee behavior - whether intentional or unintentional - is one of the primary sources of...

    2 minute read
    29 Jun 2020, by Ajay Garg
    cyber security, Software Development, Technology

    Technology series: Zero Trust defined - in a few words

    “Never trust, always verify” is the Zero Trust axiom, but what is Zero Trust and why is it important?

    2 minute read
    27 Apr 2020, by Emmanuel Thioux
    Covid-19, tips, cyber security, Cyber Threat, Technology

    Coronavirus & IT Risk - Is the Pandemic Creating New IT Norms?

    As mentioned in previous blogs, myself and my colleagues at CyberCube are currently conducting research to model the likely effects of the coronavirus pandemic in both the short and the long term...

    6 minute read
    21 Apr 2020, by Darren Thomson
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