Ransomware: Raising the Stakes

Ransomware: Raising the Stakes

In the last decade, ransomware has developed from a nuisance impacting individual systems to a tool used by sophisticated criminal groups to cause maximum business interruption and demand massive ransoms. 

The newer waves of advanced attackers conduct network intrusions (incl. persistence, lateral movement, and privilege escalation) to deploy ransomware to the maximum number of endpoints on a target network. Some groups appear to have transitioned completely to these ransomware operations; others employ it as one of many ways to monetize an intrusion. 

They are targeting government, healthcare, manufacturing, cloud-based solutions providers, and many others. Ransoms have extended into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Investigation, containment, and remediation costs are often far higher. 

This week, CyberCube hosted an exclusive client-only webinar to discuss these trends. I provided an overview of the past, present, and potential futures of the ransomware threat landscape, while Mario Vuksan, CEO of ReversingLabs presented an in-depth, technical look into the LockerGoga ransomware. Emma Ye, CyberCube’s Senior Predictive Modeler, explained how CyberCube’s modeling products can help insurance professionals quantify these risks. 

CyberCube’s mission is to help the world better understand cyber risk. Our webinars are just one of the many ways that CyberCube seeks to supplement our cutting-edge cyber risk modeling software with off-platform client engagement to support decision-making in the cyber insurance industry. 

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