London build on Tech hub reputation

London build on Tech hub reputation

Great to see London being celebrated as a tech hub during London Tech Week, with ongoing investment, despite the various economic headwinds - even giving San Francisco a run for its money. 

As company headquartered in San Francisco, but with a growing London presence, CyberCube is well placed to take advantage of the fantastic talents in both centres. We have a transatlantic, internationalist outlook, with our roots in Silicon Valley but our heads in risk and insurance. 

Operating at the precise intersection of (re)insurance, modelling and cybersecurity allows us to leverage the best of both worlds, where global excellence within each industry (forward looking tech in SF and the great pedigree of the London insurance market) can help us become a world leader in cyber risk analytics. 

Our newest location in Estonia is just getting going and we are excited to build our capabilities there. To succeed, we need to be adaptable to the evolving needs of our markets, yet focused on solving the hardest problems our clients face. 

Being able to take advantage of diverse talent from around the world in two of the biggest tech hubs is an exciting place to be as we grow our team.

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