Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 - An interview with Rebecca Bole

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 - An interview with Rebecca Bole

Rebecca Bole is part of CyberCube’s leadership team. As Head of Industry Engagement, she has a strong focus on stakeholder engagement and on building a sustainable, profitable cyber insurance market. 

She has over 25 years of global strategic leadership experience in risk and insurance. Her roles focus on developing new markets, with strong insight into bleeding-edge risk trends in cyber, technology, regulation, globalization and data & analytics. 

Rebecca spent ten years underwriting Financial Institutions in the Lloyd’s market, before pivoting to media, where she has managed media P&Ls and achieved strategic development for publications, events and stakeholder engagement. She has been leading CyberCube’s development since 2018.

She shares some of her experiences:

Why did you join CyberCube and what are some of the things you have achieved to date?

Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired by the role the insurance sector plays in creating resilience for individuals, enterprise and society through the transfer of emerging risks, such as cyber. 

I joined CyberCube to create data and analytics to quantify cyber risk. I work with a wide range of stakeholders, with the aim of applying CyberCube expertise to partner with organizations that are building the market and shaping the governance framework around cyber insurance.

In doing this, we enable more informed decision-making about cyber risk mitigation, management or transfer; we provide confidence for businesses to take risks with new technologies and allow insurers to create products that share the downside when technologies fail.

It’s an exciting spot to be in right now!

To date, we’ve invested over $100mn in cyber risk quantification in the insurance sector and have a dedicated team of over 100 people working on our solutions.

We partner with over two-thirds of the global cyber (re)insurance market by premium. CyberCube has the broadest adoption, and has emerged as the primary model provider, with carriers investing in our models over the long-term to develop their own view of risk.

Why is it important to have a diverse workforce at CyberCube?

Cyber risk itself is a diverse, man-made peril, with some of the world’s brightest minds trying to create opportunities to exploit our digital society to their own ends. 

CyberCube is applying its resources to quantifying that risk for insurers and their clients. These teams are truly breaking ground in solving some of the hardest problems facing society today.

Diversity is in our DNA. You cannot solve these problems with a narrow mindset or a restrictive working culture.

The team demonstrates this broad reach and is composed of multi-disciplinary professionals across data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, software engineering, actuarial modeling, commercial insurance, economics, media and strategy.

You created a workstream at CyberCube focusing on DE&I. What are your key objectives?

CyberCube takes its role as a global corporate citizen extremely seriously. At the heart of our mission, we enable society to innovate by providing analytics that quantify the risks of digital technologies.

But we don’t just want our solutions to benefit society. We are taking concrete steps to ensure that every aspect of our business considers the broader impact we have on the society we operate in.

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact, which makes a statement on the type of corporate citizen we want to be, and then being the change we want to see in the world through every aspect of our operations.

As part of the UN Global Compact, we have established a program of projects that create positive Environmental, Social & Governance impacts. Within that framework, we set up an active Diversity, Equity & Inclusion group. This group aims to attract diverse talent, nurture and retain that talent and create pathways to advance in the organization. 

It’s IWD. Let’s talk about what CyberCube is doing to attract and retain diverse talent

CyberCube’s cultural mission is to build an unparalleled operating culture: We are creating a global organization that allows exceptional people to collaboratively do the best work of their careers. 

Striving for a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all employees is paramount. 

We have a competitive benefits package that includes generous parental leave, health insurance that includes mental health treatments, fertility funding and pension contribution matching. We even allow time off for employees to attend school events such as sports day.

In addition, we encourage employees to spend time across our different offices and functions, to create that collaborative environment. 

CyberCube aims to nurture talent through its mentorship scheme. This involves providing different types of mentors (cross-functional, cross-location or support outside of the company) and staff determine what they aspire to learn from the scheme (for example: general career progression; how to balance a successful career and life in the long run; how to become better at their jobs). 

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