Attracting female talent the first step to tackling cyber modelling

Attracting female talent the first step to tackling cyber modelling

With International Women’s Day having just taken place on Sunday, there is good momentum about the need for creating diversity in the workplace.

We talk about why it is important to attract a workforce with different cultures and experiences, and that is absolutely fundamental in the cyber risk space. At CyberCube, this topic really hits home. Given the complexity of understanding this evolving risk, we require a different set of perspectives to provide solutions, however, both the sectors that CyberCube operates in - tech and insurance - are well known for being more skewed towards men. 

Against this backdrop, CyberCube isn’t doing badly - 40% of our workforce is female and more than a quarter of our staff at a director level or above are women. Attracting women to the cyber risk industry is just the start of solving a very complex problem. We’re immensely proud to be working with such talented women crossing both the insurance and tech sectors - that’s why we decided to host the Women in Cyber Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason during NetDiligence's Cyber Risk Summit last December - to celebrate the brilliant and talented women that are moulding one of the world’s most important risks. 

But forging a gender-equal world is not just the only factor that is important in our workplace. We need to develop a well-rounded team from across a wide range of backgrounds, so for us, diversity also extends to ethnicity, and fundamentally to skills and experience. This means we’ve been striving to attract staff from multiple disciplines including data science, threat intelligence, software engineering, actuarial science, the insurance industry, marketing and media. 

Only by creating a truly diverse working environment, can we start to solve one of the biggest challenges - and opportunities - facing the cyber ecosystem.

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