CyberCube Videos Reflect Diverse Topics Covered at Foresight Conference

CyberCube Videos Reflect Diverse Topics Covered at Foresight Conference

Comments on “counterparty crooks”, nuclear attacks and the potential for security failures to impact society were just some of the topics discussed during TV interviews conducted at CyberCube’s recent Foresight conference.

Pascal Millaire, chief executive officer of CyberCube, discussed how the entire Property & Casualty market is touched by the cyber sector, and how a forward-looking view helps overcome analytical challenges when trying to understand underwriting cyber risk. Matt Weber, CyberCube board member and former Chief Underwriting Officer for Swiss Re, expanded on this theme as he outlined his key recommendations for using cyber models.

Focusing on technological developments was Darren Thomson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of the EMEA region for Symantec. He highlighted how increasingly connected vertical markets could place lives at risk. Meanwhile, Ashwin Kashyap, Co-founder and Head of Product and Analytics at CyberCube, discussed ways in which the movement from physical to digital risk disrupts traditional lines.

Mike S. Rogers and Michael Hawthorne reflected on their careers in the defence industry and the parallels between the cyber sector. Mike, the Former Director of the U.S. National Security Agency and Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, explained forming partnerships with different third parties enhanced government intelligence. Michael, chief executive officer of Cobweb Cyber and former Commander of the U.K. Joint Forces Cyber Group, said companies should adopt a threat-led approach to cyber security.

Finally, the conference had an original way of finishing. I won’t spoil the surprise, but Jon Laux, Head of Cyber Analytics, Aon Reinsurance Solutions provided a “wrap-up” which was certainly a highlight for all attendees. 

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