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    cyber insurance, Cyber Risk Modeling

    NetDiligence Webinar Recap - Cyber Modelling: The Key to Unlocking Capital

    2 minute read
    06 Oct 2020, by Brittany Baker
    Start-up, CyberCube

    What’s in a name?

    When CyberCube separated from Symantec in 2018, the Client Services team was by definition a limited group, given the clients we initially took on, and we had to adapt in our role as...

    2 minute read
    05 Oct 2020, by Oliver Brew

    Insurance leaders call for potential private-public partnerships to support cyber insurance growth

    The world’s dependence on online technology has grown so great, it may surpass the global insurance industry’s capacity to fully protect it. That was a common theme from senior insurance executives I...

    2 minute read
    30 Sep 2020, by Pascal Millaire
    cyber insurance, Account Manager, Broking Manager, Portfolio Manager

    Innovation at CyberCube: Reflections on the last few months

    At CyberCube, we have made several strategic investments on data, models and technology to solve mission-critical problems for the cyber insurance market. I will highlight a few macro trends that we...

    2 minute read
    21 Sep 2020, by Ashwin Kashyap
    cyber insurance, Technology, Data Science

    Review of “Crafting the Samurai Sword: A Framework for Advancing Your Data Strategy”

    There has been much debate about how best to use data to model cyber risks, particularly since the threat landscape is continually evolving. CyberCube recently published a report “Crafting the...

    2 minute read
    18 Sep 2020, by Ryan Bay
    cyber security, threat landscape

    Automation in cyber crime – A key enabler of future risk accumulation?

    The cyber threat landscape and, in particular, the tools and techniques that criminals use to carry out their attacks evolves as quickly as any part of the information technology landscape. In...

    2 minute read
    17 Sep 2020, by Darren Thomson
    threat landscape, attack vector, Mobile devices, mobile malware, smishing

    Attack Vector Deep Dive: Mobile Attacks

    CheckPoint’s 2020 Mid-Year Report stated that mobile cyber attacks are on the rise, tying with botnet attacks as the second-largest attack category worldwide. As mobile device traffic has exploded...

    2 minute read
    11 Sep 2020, by Charlotte Anderson
    Data, Technology

    CyberTrends: Extracting Insights from news articles

    Co-author: Trishala Neeraj, Data Scientist at CyberCube. Cyber attacks have a massive impact on a worldwide economy that is ever-growing in its reliance on technology. With the increase in internet...

    2 minute read
    04 Sep 2020, by Mohammad Al Boni
    databases, cyber hygiene, attack vector, configuration management

    Attack Vector Deep Dive: Exposed Databases

    NordVPN’s password manager division, NordPass, recently published a report detailing that 10 billion records were found exposed in unsecure databases worldwide from June 2019 to June 2020....

    3 minute read
    27 Aug 2020, by Charlotte Anderson
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