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    CyberTrends: Extracting Insights from news articles

    Co-author: Trishala Neeraj, Data Scientist at CyberCube. Cyber attacks have a massive impact on a worldwide economy that is ever-growing in its reliance on technology. With the increase in internet...

    2 minute read
    04 Sep 2020, by Mohammad Al Boni
    databases, cyber hygiene, attack vector, configuration management

    Attack Vector Deep Dive: Exposed Databases

    NordVPN’s password manager division, NordPass, recently published a report detailing that 10 billion records were found exposed in unsecure databases worldwide from June 2019 to June 2020....

    3 minute read
    27 Aug 2020, by Charlotte Anderson
    cyber insurance, Cyber Risk Modeling, Account Manager, threat landscape

    Updating Account Manager to reflect the current threat landscape

    Cyber risk is a dynamic, man-made peril that is evolving rapidly. The motivations of cyber attackers, their methods and the technological vulnerabilities they exploit are constantly in flux....

    2 minute read
    24 Aug 2020, by Morgan Herve-Mignucci
    Covid-19, cyber insurance, Technology, Coronavirus

    There’s no turning back from the changes this pandemic has bought to cyber insurers

    Change, said the novelist Charles Dickens, begets change. It would follow that the bigger the change, the greater the reverberations that follow.

    2 minute read
    11 Aug 2020, by Pascal Millaire
    cyber security, Cyber Threat, Ransomware

    Ransomware and the “Double-Dipping” Trend

    2 minute read
    15 Jul 2020, by Darren Thomson
    Start-up, cyber security, WEF

    Every Employee Plays an Important Role in Building a Sustainable Security Culture

    Organizational culture is all about the behaviors and processes that you want employees to follow. As employee behavior - whether intentional or unintentional - is one of the primary sources of...

    2 minute read
    29 Jun 2020, by Ajay Garg
    Nat Cat, Silent cyber, Cyber Risk Modeling

    UK Stress-Test Shows Cyber Losses Could Match Natural Catastrophes

    1 minute read
    26 Jun 2020, by Nick Beecroft
    Cyber Risk, Broker

    Teaming-up on Cyber Exposure

    1 minute read
    23 Jun 2020, by John Anderson
    Cyber Risk, Covid-19, tips

    Tips to help create a secure working from home environment

    Many of us have shifted our usual office workspace to a work from home setting in the past weeks and it has become clear that it may remain this way for some more time. Now that most of us are...

    5 minute read
    04 Jun 2020, by Alejandro Sauter
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