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    Foresight 2021, Accumulation

    CyberCube Foresight Series - Super-spreader technologies and cyber cat modeling

    In the before-times, we had a full day of presentations, panel discussions, break out sessions, drinks, cakes and more drinks. Foresight is a CyberCube community event where clients, partners and...

    3 minute read
    17 May 2021, by Oliver Brew
    Cyber Risk, Silent cyber, Ransomware, featured_blogs, Critical Infrastructure

    Cyber catastrophe meets enterprise ransomware: Colonial Pipeline attack

    The recent double-extortion ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline has once again brought enterprise ransomware into the spotlight for cyber underwriters and cyber risk aggregation modellers.  What...

    8 minute read
    17 May 2021, by William Altman
    cyber insurance, IoT, 5G, Cyber-Physical

    Examining business interruption in a hyper-connected world

    CyberCube recently took part in the Intelligent Insurer webinar “Address Business Interruption in a Hyper-Connected World,” which focused on how an increase in interconnectivity through the Internet...

    3 minute read
    28 Apr 2021, by Jenna McGrath

    Sharing documents - a graph database approach

    The capability for users to share documents between themselves is important in any software. It allows team members to collaborate more efficiently. 

    6 minute read
    16 Apr 2021, by Emmanuel Thioux
    cyber insurance, CyberCube

    CyberCube celebrates its two-year anniversary of opening its Tallinn office

    Max Sokolov, Head of Engineering, and Technical Recruiter Irina Filippova share the story of how CyberCube came to select Estonia as CyberCube’s third office location, and outlines the highs and lows...

    5 minute read
    15 Apr 2021, by Irina Filippova
    cyber insurance, P&C insurance, cyber insurance pricing, MGAs

    Inside P&C Recap -  Cyber Insurance: market-wide repricing?

    CyberCube recently had the pleasure to sponsor the “Inside P&C Live – Shaping the Future of Risk” conference this year. Oliver Brew, Head of Client Success at CyberCube was one of the panelists for...

    3 minute read
    07 Apr 2021, by Giulia Viscovich
    cyber insurance, cc_hosted_event

    Collaboration in action: Foresight user conference takeaways

    Collaboration is a tricky buzzword in cyber risk and insurance circles. It is often misinterpreted and ‘dumbed-down’ to just being a euphemism for a meeting, in some cases!

    2 minute read
    25 Mar 2021, by Rebecca Bole
    cyber insurance, Cloud, P&C insurance, SPOF

    Three cyber insurance takeaways from the OVHCloud fire

    On March 10th, 3.6 million websites went offline at the same time. Digital services provided by companies and governments were suddenly unavailable to millions of Internet users. The incident was...

    3 minute read
    25 Mar 2021, by William Altman
    cyber insurance, Silent cyber, regulation

    New York sets expectations of cyber insurance

    New York State has taken a bold step in meeting the challenge laid down by last year’s Solarium Commission Report, which called for insurance to fulfil its potential to drive better cyber risk...

    2 minute read
    10 Feb 2021, by Nick Beecroft
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