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Enterprise Ransomware

Enterprise Ransomware: Assessing the future threat and what it means for (re)insurers examines key trends in ransomware attacks and points towards future developments. Uppermost is the continuing evolution of ransomware attacks away from individuals to commercial businesses and other organisations able to meet the cyber criminals’ increasingly expensive ransom demands.

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The world of ransomware attacks is evolving to resemble the traditional kidnap and ransom market with the appearance of cyber cartels and ransom mediators, a new report from CyberCube concludes.


The report identifies growing similarities between cyber ransomware attacks and the kidnap trade. Among these is the rise of so-called cyber cartels – gangs of cyber criminals organised along the lines of drug cartels. These cartels are changing the ‘rules’ of ransomware to keep ahead of the authorities’ efforts to thwart their activities.